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  • The quality and effectiveness of training are the top goals, principles and orientations for training and scientific research activities of the university;
  • The quality of training is a decisive factor for the expansion, cooperation, development and competition of the institution;
  • NAUE serves the socio-economic, defense – security objectives in line with the general needs of the whole country, the region and Nghe An.
  • NAUE takes the learners as the center for all activities of the institution and also rates the benefit of users of training products and scientific research achievements as the main benefit of the institution.
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63 years of establishment


12 majors/specializations


250 scholarships per year


95% have employment after graduation

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Nghe An University of Economics is an institution that aims to provide the society with the training products and scientific research achievements, and consult in the application and transfer of the technology with high-quality, good brand name and reputation reaching the North Central region and the whole country in the fields of Accouting, Economic Management, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Agriculture – Forestry – Fisheries Technology. Our mission is to contribute to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country in general and the development of agriculture and rural areas in Vietnam increasingly strong, civilized, rich and beautiful in particular.

About Nghe An University of Economics

The Nghe An University of Economics is a public university under the national education system of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The university was established according to the document:

Decision 205/QD-TTg dated January 27, 2014 by the Prime Minister of the Government on the Establishment of the Nghe An University of Economics.

The Nghe An University of Economics is a public career unit empowered to partially exercise autonomy in carrying out financial tasks, organizing machinery, and personnel in accordance with the law. The university has legal personality, its own seal, and is permitted to open accounts at commercial banks and state treasuries.

The Nghe An University of Economics is a unit under the People’s Committee of Nghe An Province and is also under the management of the Ministry of Education and Training for strategies, planning, policies on educational development, lecturer standards, objectives, content, programs, teaching methods, enrollment, organization of training, examination, recognition of graduation, and degree issuance.

Lillian Nordmann
Ceo and founder

Alexander Berg
Co founder

Christian Hansen

Brit Andreassen
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