Practicality – Pioneering – Integration


Nghe An University of Economics is an institution that aims to provide the society with the training products and scientific research achievements, and consult in the application and transfer of the technology with high-quality, good brand name and reputation reaching the North Central region and the whole country in the fields of Accouting, Economic Management, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Agriculture – Forestry – Fisheries Technology. Our mission is to contribute to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country in general and the development of agriculture and rural areas in Vietnam increasingly strong, civilized, rich and beautiful in particular .


By 2030, Nghe An University of Economics will be a reliable and prestigious address for training, the scientific research and the technology transfer in a number of fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance – Banking, Business Administration and Agriculture – Forestry – Fisheries (1-2 key majors chosen for each field) reaching the same level as major universities in the North Central region.


  • To build the school to become a training institution in the direction of application, scientific research and technology transfer with the leading quality and prestige in the Central region;
  • To be a gathering place for highly qualified experts, officials and lecturers;
  • To have extensive international cooperation and association training programs;
  • To have modern facilities and technical equipment, serving well the political tasks of the institution .


Cooperation – Responsibility – Innovation – Quality

  • NAUE stresses the appreciation of quality, efficiency and sustainable development;
  • NAUE creates a favorable study and research environment for everyone to improve their knowledge, develop skills, promote creativity, develop talents, and compete in learning and employment opportunities;
  • NAUE orients towards the professionalism and meets the requirements of the social
  • NAUE encourages the cooperation and ensures the harmonious development.