On May 08th, 2024, the External Evaluation Expert Team from Sai Gon Centre for Educational Quality Accreditation (CEA-SAIGON) conducted a preliminary survey to assess the quality of 02 full-time undergraduate training programs at Nghe An University of Economics (NAUE) including: Economics, Finance – Banking.

The members of the external assessment team participating in this survey include Dr. Nguyen Kim Dung, Director of CEA-SAIGON; Dr. Le Hoang Vu, Deputy Director of CEA-SAIGON, Secretary; Dr. Chau Van Luong, Inspector of CEA-SAIGON, Permanent Member; MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Officer of CEA-SAIGON, Supervisor.

The opening of the preliminary survey

During the working day, the team of external assessment experts conducted a preliminary review of relevant doccuments, visited the campus, evaluated research facilities as well as the working and learning condition.


Dr. Nguyen Kim Dung reviewed the data of doccuments in Library


External assessment Team talked to the Staffs of Faculties

External assessment Team checked interview rooms

External assessment Team checked the relavant doccuments

Dr. Nguyen Kim Dung, the representative of CEA-SAIGON and Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, the rector of NAUE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the conclusion of the working session to reach an agreement on the findings of the preliminary survey and the design of the official survey. The assessments in the preliminary survey are essential for NAUE to better prepare for the official survey scheduled from May, the 18th to 21st 2024.

Dr. Nguyen Kim Dung, director of  CEA-SAIGON and Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, rector of NAUE signed a Memorandum of Understanding