More than 100 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Nghe An University of Economics (NAUE) have had a field trip to companies in Nghe An province. The tour brings a lot of useful knowledge and practical experiences.

Study tours at companies can help students strengthen abilities, get a feel for the actual workplace and steadily improve their competence meeting the demands of the hiring market.

Knowledge is not only imparted from research but also actively discovered through practical experience

For NAUE students, business experience trips are a “mandatory” requirement for them from the second year

Each field trip is considered a specific “class hour”, associated with the characteristics of the field of study

Each visit allows students to see departments, get knowledge of the professional workplace, the particulars of each career position, understand project and business management techniques, and gain practical experience managing situations that arise in the course of company operations.

With the sharing of experts, students have chance to grasp valuable practical information about the profession and the current labor market to acquire a multidimensional awareness of their favorite work field to  be fully prepared for gaining their achievements in the future

“Touching reality – Connecting the future”, NAUE hopes students will have real “touches” of businesses to gain more knowledge, action and future orientation when entering the labor market.

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