Following the success of past conferences, with the aim of promoting the scientific research movement, self-research, and creativity among students and improving training quality while honoring outstanding research works of students and summarizing the scientific research activities of students in the school year 2023-2024, NAUE held the Review Conference on June 25th, 2024.

          The Students’ Scientific Research Conference is an annual activity of NAUE which aims to praise students’ outstanding achievements in scientific research, discover and foster talents, and contribute to improving the training quality of the University.

Promoting scientific research among students is one of the major responsibilities of universities nowadays, as it helps to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. As a result, NAUE has prioritized encouraging scientific research among students in recent years. Academically and practically, research subjects are becoming more high-quality; numerous student-conducted scientific research projects have been awarded top honors in scientific research competitions.

The Conference contributed to reflecting the increasing effectiveness of the scientific research movement among students at NAUE, thereby encouraging the spirit of scientific research among students, provoking more and more new ideas, contributing to the strong development of the scientific research movement and improving the training quality in the University.