Nghe An University of Economics (NAUE) was officially recognized as an Associate Member of the Southeast Asia Higher Education Quality Assurance Network on July 1st, 2024, according to a notification from the AUN-QA Organization.

          The Ministry of Education and Training has recently approved the quality accreditation of undergraduate and graduate training programs as well as the accreditation of higher education institutions in accordance with the AUN-QA set of standards, a move that has aroused the interest of most universities in the nation. Among the prerequisites for accreditation in accordance with the Standards is becoming an associate member of the quality assurance network in Southeast Asian higher education (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance, AUN-QA).

Vietnam accounted for 50 of the 179 associate members of AUN-QA’s higher education institutions by the end of August 2023. Universities must submit an application detailing their creation, development, training, and scientific research process, as well as their orientation and strategy in the areas of accreditation and quality assurance, in order to be accepted as an affiliated member organization.  The Council of the AUN examines, confirms, and qualifies prospective member institutions through many strict quality rules.

𝐀𝐔𝐍 puts emphasis on training quality as a key goal for the advancement of higher education in Southeast Asia. AUN-QA is a uniform set of quality criteria developed in 2004 by AUN to assess the quality of education at institutions in the Southeast. These criteria establish a connection and acknowledge the standard of education provided by institutions both inside and outside of AUN and they are considered a tool to maintain, improve and enhance the quality of teaching and research in AUN member universities, including Vietnam.