On the morning of October 14, 2022, Nghe An University of Economics (NAUE) held the opening ceremony of the new school year 2022 – 2023; which includes the ceremony to announce the decision and the certificate of quality accreditation for the NAUE; Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony with enterprises.

Attending the ceremony included: Mr. Bui Dinh Long – Vice Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee; leading representative of Vinh City People’s Committee, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Department of Education and Training of Nghe An province, with enterprises in Nghe An province; Representative of Vinh University Center for Education Accreditation: Dr. Tran Dinh Quang – The director of the Center.

On the side of NAUE, there were the participation of: Dr. Nguyen Dinh Tuong – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Council of NAUE; Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Rector; Dr. Truong Quang Ngan – Vice Rector and all staff, lecturers and students attended.

Speaking at the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu – Rector, was pleased to say that: “Today is a special event for Nghe An University of Economics, it is part of a series of events to celebrate the new schoolyear 2022 – 2023, including: Opening ceremony of the new schoolyear; The ceremony to announce the Decision and award the certificate of accreditation for NAUE; Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between NAUE and enterprises.

Nghe An University of Economics is pleased and honored to have welcomed enterprises to attend and perform the signing ceremony of MOU with NAUE. This partnership not only opens up opportunities for NAUE in terms of curriculum innovation, teaching methods, but also helps to strengthen the connection between NAUE with enterprises and the labor market. The cooperation between NAUE and enterprises is also one of NAUE’s strategic activities, demonstrating the connection between training and recruitment.

NAUE is currently focusing on cooperating with enterprises to solve the problem of human resource quality, with the goal of both serving the community and promoting the potential and advantages of stakeholders, it will contribute to improving the quality of human resource training for society, helping students to meet and adapt well to the working environment after graduation. With that meaning and goal, Nghe An University of Economics wishes to continue to receive the attention, support, companionship and cooperation of the business community, investors and enterprises were present at the ceremony to aim at the goals of mutual development.

Enterprises said that: The cooperation between NAUE and enterprises will give students the opportunity to improve their career skills and to adapt to the working environment after graduation. Enterprises that want to support Nghe An University of Economics in giving priority to receive NAUE students who will come to practice, work part-time as well as want to participate in the process of innovation teaching method, develop training curricula to achieve the goal of linking training with production activities.

The Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Nghe An University of Economics and Enterprises has ended successfully, it has opened up a long-term sustainable cooperation relationship, bringing many benefits to NAUE and enterprises.

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