On the morning of March 31st, 2023, at the Grand Hall of Nghệ An University of Economics, a Graduation Ceremony was held for over 200 new graduates who had successfully completed their academic programs.


The attendees of the ceremony include: PhD. Nguyen Dinh Tuong – Party Secretary, Chairman of the School Council; PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu – Principal; Dr. Truong Quang Ngan – Vice Principal; PhD. Do Ngoc Dai – Head of the Training – Science and International Cooperation Management Department; along with lectures and leaders of the faculties, departments, centers, and over 500 students in attendance.

The attendees of the ceremony include: Mr. Phan Van Binh – Deputy Director of the Southeast Economic Zone Management Board; Mr. Nguyen Duc Thu – Director of the Youth Development Support Center of Nghe An Province; NAUE alumni, and more than 100 delegates from domestic and foreign companies. Particularly, the families and friends of the new graduates were also in attendance to congratulate them.

Speaking at the ceremony, PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu – the Rector of NAUE expressed his pride and congratulations to the graduates for their success with the spirit of studying without fear of difficulties in terms of distance and time: “We highly value your achievements today, which were obtained through overcoming many challenges and difficulties.” He wished the graduates to always have faith in life, act confidently, and succeed on their future paths.

PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu – Rector of NAUE, would like to congratulate the new graduates on behalf of the university.

        To show gratitude to the teachers, Phan Thi Uyen Nhi – a new graduate in Accounting, on behalf of the K6 new graduates, would like to express sincere appreciation to the university, teachers, family, and friends…and send the most heartfelt thanks to the NAUE lecturers. Throughout the course, we have always been diligent in studying, practicing, and successfully completing the program. The knowledge and skills accumulated during the course are precious assets for all students on the path of future development, contributing to the common development of society. Today, we are proud of our university, and tomorrow our university will be proud of us – that is our most valuable thank you, our promise.

New graduate Phan Thi Uyen Nhi speaking on behalf of the new graduates at the ceremony

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu – Rector and Dr. Truong Quang Ngan – Vice Rector honored outstanding new faculty members at the graduation ceremony

          NAUE would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the new graduates for completing their academic journey, accumulating knowledge, skills, and overcoming numerous challenges and difficulties. NAUE hopes that you will continue to uphold the creative spirit, determination, and enthusiasm of an NAUE student, being proactive, adaptable in all circumstances, seizing opportunities, and taking charge of your future to live well for yourself, your family, contribute to society and community, just as the spirit of NAUE: “Practicality – Pioneering – Integration”.

The family attended the ceremony, visited the school, visited the teachers, and met their children’s friends. It was truly a day to honor young knowledge, to share the joy of family and school, to mark the maturity after a period of study and training. The success of the NAUE alumni over generations is evidence of the quality of education and the continuous improvement of the reputation of the Nghe An University of Economics on the labor market.

          Moreover, this graduation ceremony also acknowledged that over 60% of the students had jobs even before graduating. Many students are currently working abroad or at domestic and foreign companies.
          The graduation ceremony marks an important milestone for the students, a journey that has come to an end and a new journey with more opportunities ahead. With the knowledge and skills gained at NAUE, it is hoped that the new graduates will be more confident in pursuing their dreams.


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