NAUE is honorably the first Educational Institution in North Central region of Vietnam to receive the certificate of Management System for Educational Institutions ISO 21001:2029/ISO 21001:2018 from QUACERT

On March 12th 2024, Nghe An University of Economics was granted a Certificate of “Management system for educational organizations according to TCVN ISO 21001:2019 standards / ISO 21001:2018” by the Compliance Certification Center (QUACERT) through Decision No. 1025/QD-QUACERT.

Nghe An University of Economics is one of the first universities in Vietnam, the first and the only university in the North Central region to apply ISO 21001:2018, which is an international standard on quality management systems for educational organizations. ISO 21001:2018 standard is the one that helps implement goal 4 of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations on Education Quality, including “Ensuring comprehensive and equitable quality education, equality and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. General awareness of quality management and requirements of ISO 21001:2018 – Quality management system for educational institutions.

ISO standards have given the University a general management tool to satisfy student needs, which has enhanced the University’s reputation and ability to deliver comprehensive, equitable, high-quality education degree, specialized education that accommodates learners of diverse backgrounds, including remote learners, students with special needs, and chances for lifetime learning. By adhering to the ISO21001:2018 standard, the University has pledged to consistently raise the standard of instruction, satisfy the demands of students and pertinent stakeholders, foster an environment of continuous improvement, and reward excellence and creativity in the educational process.

By adhering to the motto “putting learners first,” NAUE has consistently strengthened its standing, training standards, and access to state-of-the-art tools and machinery to meet the demands of students and ensure their success. Numerous strengths of the evaluation program were acknowledged by QUACERT. This outcome is a catalyst for the school to keep innovating and enhancing its internal management system, as well as a step toward NAUE solidifying its standing in the national education system.

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