Founded in Hong Kong in 1991, the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) has a mission to promote and improve the quality of higher education through the support of the international community of quality assurance and accreditation agencies. With the assistance of the global network of accreditation and quality assurance organizations, INQAAHE seeks to advance and enhance the caliber of higher education. In order to accomplish this, the network focuses on creating theory and practice related to the evaluation, enhancement, and upkeep of quality assurance in higher education, as well as sharing organizational policies and practices. membership to advance quality assurance for the good of learners, educational institutions, higher education, and society as large.

Nghe An University of Economics affirms its determination to integrate with regional and international universities

          Nghe An University of Economics has joined the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) in December 2023. The University’s mission is to regularly update information about global quality assurance initiatives and the most recent findings in related research, to  foster cooperative relationships with quality assurance organizations meeting global standard.

Nghe An University of Economics’ development strategy for the years 2022–2025 and its aim to 2035 is to become a multidisciplinary, multifield university that is economically viable for enterprises by the year 2025: Investing in the advancement of technology, economics, and agriculture while paying close attention to innovation and digital transformation initiatives; finishing the Organization’s Quality Assessment and 50% of the training program meeting with national requirements; taking part in global rankings, and ensuring that at least 25% of training programs are evaluated based on international standards for excellence.

The university aims to become a top-tier ASEAN university by 2035, with a reputation for excellence in higher education.

Nghe An University of Economics strives to become a multi-disciplinary university by 2030; a reputable higher education institution recognized among the renowned universities in the ASEAN region.

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